Our Synagogue

Our founders Mr. Max Mizrahi, Mr Lou Salem and Mr Walter Srour moved to Heartland Village in Staten Island from Brooklyn in the 70', they wanted to continue the Jewish Sephardic customs that they practice in Brooklyn. They relize that they have to start a  Sephardic Minyan Synagogue in Staten Island. 

They begun by praying in the basement of Mr Lou Salem and after about 2 years moved to a trailer by the Sprigville Jewish Center, in the High Holidays they rented a place from a Little Peoples World Daycare Center. After a year theymoved to a side apartment in Heartland Village during the High Holiday they used Mr Mark Cohen backyard to setup a tent for so more peopole can attended the services and the turnout was great since there were  Israeli families moving into Heartland Village. In the year 2000 Mr. Max Mizrahi found the current location and we were able to purchase the property. Still we were using a tent in the backyard for few years. Now in our current location we are under the leadership of Rabbi Aharon Zeev  growing spiritually and as our families are expanding more people joining our synagouge. 


אור תורה


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